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"Listen to a few notes on any Dmitry Baevsky recording and you immediately will hear his distinct musical voice: a gorgeously dark and warm alto tone that at times almost sounds like a tenor. Having moved to New York City from his native Russia nearly two decades ago, Baevsky has since carved out a niche as an inspired straight-ahead alto virtuoso, one whose musical résumé boasts an impressive set of collaborations and whose solo outings include a series of critically beloved albums and a highly regarded quartet." 

" A wondrous marriage of intelligence and feeling: the skill that makes anything Dmitry and Jeb able to be create rewarding realizations in sound, the precision that makes for exactness at any tempo the place from which they start, and the deep emotional range that makes this duo masters of any song they attempt, whether a dreamy ballad or a high-speed slalom." JAZZ LIVES, NYC

“You can hear it loud and clear in his music: Dmitry Baevsky is here! The Russian born alto saxophonist has made quite a name for himself since immigrating to New York from his St. Petersburg birthplace nearly twenty years ago. Now a charter member of the world jazz community, Baevsky has proven himself to be a formidable force to be reckoned with, confirming his prodigious abilities in countless appearances with some of the music’s greatest artists. From his very first recording with NEA Jazz Masters Cedar Walton and Jimmy Cobb the altoist has shown himself to be an important new voice on his instrument. Possessing a robust sound, acute harmonic mind and keen sense of rhythm, the young horn man puts it all together in a manner that is appealing in its lyricism, yet intriguing in its originality.”

“Dmitry Baevsky is a mind-blower, a major new alto saxophonist.”  STEREOPHILE.

"With this stimulating record Baevsky proves himself a superbly well-rounded musician. Solidly mainstream yet boldly explorative Over and Out is a captivating work, full of elegant charm and vivid excitement. (...) Hopefully Baevsky will continue on this brilliantly creative path." HRAYR ATTARIAN, ALL ABOUT JAZZ 

"There's nothing fragile about Baevsky's playing. His sound is deep and rich, with some of the heft associated with the tenor or pre-bop alto players and an irrepressible swing fueled by a wide range of ideas and improvising strategies. That extends to his repertoire, differing tempos and rhythms and even a rainbow of musical keys" GEORGE KANZLER, THE NEW YORK TIME JAZZ RECORD.

“Dmitry is an important new voice, distilling the jazz tradition to produce a thoughtful, probing here-and-now feel” MARC MYERS, JAZZWAX.

“Baevsky stamps his identity on virtually everything here with his silken yet tightly controlled tone”  JAZZTIMES.

“Dmitry Baevsky is making inroads to becoming a premier performer on his instrument. On his fourth CDs as a leader, The Composers on Sharp Nine, you can clearly hear a distinction with a difference, illustrating his personal voice and solid chops. Baevsky displays a purposed kind of earthy soul that reflects his heritage. In an understated way, Baevsky is defining his sound on his own terms, moving away from obvious influences.”  HOT HOUSE JAZZ.

“Emerging alto saxophone powerhouse…” HOT HOUSE JAZZ.

“Baevsky’s interpretation of the music is a pure celebration, and the memory of the disc’s final track lingers long after the last note fades” ALL ABOUT JAZZ

“He’s an extremely soulful player with excellent technique and a special sense of quiet confidence, which is much in evidence on this immensely enjoyable album. (…) The best straight-ahead record in ages. We’ll hear much more of Mr Baevsky.”  JAZZWISE.

“On Down With It Baevsky, who has fingers galore and uses them to spin out long complex lines, tears through nine cuts with his regular rhythm section of pianist Jeb Patton, bassist David Wong and drummer Jason Brown. (…) He masterfully takes elements from Thelonious Monk’s “We See” and uses them as point of departure to create a solo that says much… The resulting quintet swings its tail off.” DOWNBEAT.

“Saxophoniste absolument passionnant… L’alto Con Brio. Un musicien rare à ne pas manquer”  FRANCE MUSIQUE.

“Son précédent concert parisien, il y a quelques mois, nous avait laissé bouche bée. Dmitry Baevsky est LA révélation du saxophone alto. Un instrument qu’il a d’abord pratiqué chez lui, à Saint-Pétersbourg, puis à New York où il vit aujourd’hui.” TSF JAZZ

“On découvre avec bonheur halluciné ce Russe de Saint-Pétersbourg qui vit depuis une quinzaine d’années aux USA. (…) Dmitry présente un style très personnel. Le prodige attaque les phrases des solos avec une invention déconcertante, développe des chorus cohérents, assène des tournures impressionnantes de classe…” LIBERATION


Above is the review of "Over and Out" by George Kanzler, published  in the July issue of The New York City Jazz Records.